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  • Can I redirect my .taipei domain name to my website or Facebook fanpage?

    Yes, you can set up domain name forwarding for .taipei doman name to direct your visitors to a different website.

  • Do I must renew the domain name if the domain name is expired?

    No, you can choose to renew the domain name or not. You can find .taipei domain name life cycle here.

  • Can I registrar a domain name even if I don't have a website?

    Yes, you can registrar a domain name for brand protection only.

  • How can I use the domain name after I registrar it?

    Your domain name will be resolved to your website once you set up DNS or related DNS records.

  • How long does it take to activate the DNS once I set it up?

    Generally it takes about 24~48 hours. You can contact with your registrar for detail information.

  • What is the difference amount .taipei, .com, and .tw?

    .taipei.taipei represents Taipei City, any things relate to Taipei (City) are encouraged to use a .taipei domain name.

  • Does .taipei support IPv6?

    Yes, you can set up DNS with IPv6. Detail can be found at your registrar.register.

Update: 2019-06-03