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Taipei Announcement on schedule of Taipei Enterprise Sunrise verification

Taipei Enterprise Sunrise Application should be verified by .taipei Registry before registration. All registrant's information and related documents should be submitted to registry for verification through accredited registrar. The schedule of verification are listed below. Registry encourages interesting parties to contact accredited registrars to submit applications as soon as possible.

Taipei Enterprise Sunrise I
Deadline for submitting applications: 2015-7-6 12:00
Deadline for verification : 2015-7-6 15:00
Deadline for re-submitting application : 2015-7-6 17:00
Deadline for registration : 2015-7-6 22:00

Taipei Enterprise Sunrise II
Deadline for submitting applications : 2015-7-17 12:00
Deadline for verification : 2015-7-17 15:00
Deadline for re-submitting application : 2015-7-17 17:00
Deadline for registration : 2015-7-17 22:00

Update: 2015-07-01Reviewed: 2015-07-01