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Taipei Enterprise Sunrise starts on 2015 June 16

A company or individual who registered in Taipei or New Taipei City are eligible to register a .taipei domain name starts on June 16 2015 and ends on July 17 2015. The applied for name must be consistent with the complete trademark label or part of it, the English business name of the legal person, the English translation of the legal person’s Chinese name, or the combination of the trademark label and business name.

All applications should be submitted through .taipei accredited registrars. (https://hi.taipei/en/registrar.html) Applicants would also need to provide related documents for verification. If more than one applicant apply for the same domain name. An auction will be held by registry after landrush period. .taipei registry operator will be the first registry in Taiwan to hold an auction to decide the applicant of the domain name.

Registering a domain name is a way to protect your brands or trademarks. Most well-known brand owners will register the domain name which consists with their brand or trademark names. Registering a .taipei domain in Taipei Enterprise Sunrise is the best way to protect your online identification and even to build a connection to Taipei City.

Detailed registration information can be found at hi.taipei or you can contact with accredited registrars directly to submit applications.

Customer Support : service@hi.taipei

Update: 2015-06-15Reviewed: 2015-06-15