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Prior Verification for Taipei Enterprise Sunrise

Taipei Enterprise Sunrise Application should be verified by .taipei Registry before registration. 2015 9AM (UTC+8). Registry will accept accredited registrar to submit registration information and trademark certification for applicant to verify in advance.

Requirement for Taipei Enterprise Sunrise registration: the Applicant should be a legal person or a natural person who registers in Taipei City and New Taipei City. The Applicant should hold national or international trademark certificates or business registration issued by Taipei City Government or New Taipei City Government. The trademark certificate or the business registration is required and could be verified via public database by .taipei Registry.
Naming Rule:
(1)must be consistent with the complete trademark label or part of it, the English business name of the legal person, the English translation of the legal person’s Chinese name, or the combination of the trademark label and business name;
(2)spaces or other symbols(exclude hypen) in the trademark label should be deleted or replaced with hyphens;
(3)must be relevant to the applicant’s trademark or business name and be able to identify the applicant’s merchandise, services, or organization. .taipei Registry will verify the qualification and domain name label and may, in its sole discretion, reject the application.
How to Submit:
(1). Applicant will need to provide application information and trademark certification to accredited registrar.
(2). Accredited registrar submits application information and trademark certification to registry for verification.
(3). After passing verification, registry will provide a token number to accredited registrar for each application.
(4). Finally, accredited registrar shall register domain name for applicant.
Verification Schedule: All complete applications received before 13:00 (UTC+8) on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will be verified on the next business day. Any uncompleted application will be scheduled to next round verification.
Note: Receiving a token number doesn't mean applicant register a domain name successfully.

Enterprise Sunrise Application

Verification: Taipei City government reserves the right to grant or refuse application at its sole and absolute discretion.

Update: 2014-11-19Reviewed: 2014-11-19