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Registration services of Taipei's network addresses ".Taipei" will open to public in November

Taipei city government has already finished the application process of “.Taipei” and signed the Registry Agreement with ICANN on 2014/8/20, and become the registry operator of “.taipei”. “.taipei” is expected to be opened to application in November, 2014.

The mayor of the Taipei city government expected Taipei to provide the services of the regional domain name to internet users all around the world as Tokyo, New York, London, Paris, Berlin and other international cities did. “.taipei” symbolize that Taipei city has established landmarks in global network, also, has owned its territory in the virtual world.

As the domain name registry operator of “.taipei”, Taipei city government will listen to public opinion through providing the registration services, in turn, put the concept of the air city into practice.

In future, except for the domain name kept for technical requirements, domain name related to the public will also be reserved for electronic service. The Taipei city government will integrate all services to meet the demand of future digital life.

The Taipei city government invites enterprises and groups to promote “.taipei” together by holding a pioneer enterprises program, and expects to create the big bang of “.taipei” by domain names easy to remember. Activities of pioneer program will be announced recently through official website. “.taipei” welcomes every representative brand, corporate organizations and individuals in different field to participate, and to enhance the whole industry in the form of city marketing.

Update: 2014-08-18Reviewed: 2014-08-18